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Future EU-UK trade after 31st December 2020
18th March 2020
Dear Customer
Re:         Future EU-UK trade after 31st December 2020
It would appear that ‘Customs controls’ will be put in place as from 1st January 2021.  At the moment, we do not have instructions from the UK or the EU as to the exact nature of this requirement, however, we expect that this will inevitably lead to delays, both in preparing loads for shipment, but also in the transit times.  This could be very disruptive for the few months of 2021.
We expect that over the next months we will be asking you to provide further information to ensure that we are fully prepared for your documentation needs.  We expect that with any particular shipment there will be a checklist of documentation / information that we require before we arrange collection.  This will be absolutely necessary to avoid delays in transit. 
Sealane and its Group companies are investing substantially in additional staff, training and computer hardware and software to ensure that we are fully prepared to serve our clients, however, we are dependent on information from our Government, and it is unlikely that we will have clear instructions until later in 2020. 
In the meantime, if you could please advise us if you have a specific staff member who is a ‘Brexit Manager’ who we can direct our communications to, and we will start the process of updating our files accordingly.
Yours sincerely
Alan Coffey